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Pet Insurance Takes A Look At The Rarest Dog Breeds.

We all know how varied dog breeds can be. It would be hard to explain to an alien that a Chihuahua and a Dalmatian are the same species of animal. But while we think we have all the breed names down and call ourselves “experts”, do we really know of all breeds big and small? Take a look at the rarest dog breeds in the world and see if you can recognize any.

Finnish Spitz

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Oh look it’s a Pomeranian on steroids! This handsome breed of dog originates in Finland. This hunting dog was bred to hunt game such as geese and ducks. These energetic dogs need A LOT of exercise and won’t bode well with being trapped indoors for too long. However they are extremely social and known for having an excellent temper with children!

Norwegian Lundehund

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This foxy guy is very distinguishable with it’s six toed paws. originally from Norway, they were bred to hunt puffins. After nearly going extinct during WW1, they were carefully bred to about 2000 now. While they may be wary of strangers, this loyal dog is mild tempered and easy to maintain. Watch out for escape artists though. they’re incredibly flexible!


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Strong, smart and mild mannered. This guy seems like the perfect dog!. They learn quickly and an excellent companion dog. They tend to bond to one particular person and become fiercely loyal to them. Very rare outside of their native Hungary, they seem to be attracting a lot of popularity with fan clubs in Canada and the U.S.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

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If you hate cleaning up after a shedding dog, this guy is perfect for you! With usually only a bit of hair on his head/tail/feet, this peru native dog is very easily maintained. Extremely affectionate, these dogs don’t like to be alone for long and is recommended to experienced dog handlers. On the plus side, no groomers bills!


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Very well involved in Japanese media, the Kishu has bacome a poster dog for many Japanese cartoons and comics. Headstrong and loyal, they bond to their owners very well and become wary of strangers around them. They have a strong pack mentality so can clash sometimes with other household dogs. However their protective instincts make them keep an eye over what it considers its family. You’re always safe with a Kishu around!


Pharaoh Hound

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Don’t let the name fool you! This dog has no ties to Egypt genetically. Independent minded, highly intelligent, and occasionally stubborn, this guy is very trainable in a positive environment. As active as this dog looks, like the greyhound, it’s actually a couch potato. It prefers to sleep alot without any need for real exercise. However when moving about you’ll be surprised how fast and agile this dog is.

Russkiy Toy

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Someone somewhere was a big fan of The Spice Girls when they were breeding their dogs. This little guy is one of the smallest dogs in the world and can weigh between 3 and 6 pounds. Very vocal with personalities much bigger than their bodies. they’re fiercely protective and bond with their owners very easily. Although they often have bone fractures due to just how fragile their little bodies are!

Caucasian Ovcharka

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Originally bred to protect livestock, and boy can it. This titan dog is massive! It was bred for mountainous conditions, giving it a lean body with a personality to match. This can be a very unmanageable pet. Very defensive it’s easily wary of any strangers and will not accept them unless socialized very well from birth. It is not recommended that this breed be left alone with children as it’s found they can play far too rough and not realize their own strength. However if it’s a loyal guard dog you need, this guy’s perfect.


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An excellent swimmer, this guy was originally bred to hunt otters but now there is barely 1000 of them left! These scent dogs have extremely powerful noses making them very curious. They will follow their nose and sniff almost anything. Because of their extremely low numbers, efforts are being made to save them as a breed.

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