Bizarre Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Pet InsuranceA Pet Insurance company based in the united states- Pets Best Insurance- has listed it’s recent bizarre pet insurance claims.

Totes DelishTony a 10-year-old golden retriever from Illinois decided to gobble the handle of a canvas tote bag (we have a stomach ache just thinking about it). Thankfully his owners got him to the vet within 45 minutes. The vet induced vomiting and the tote bag handle reappeared (eww!).  Tony 1. Tote Bag 0.

A sweet tooth

Jordan a 1 year old Irish terrier from Washington has a sweet tooth, which is why he decided to swallow a honeycomb (ekk!) The pooch had to be bought to the clinic, vomiting induced and abdominal x-rays taken and fluids received to treat him.

Blister in the Belly

In the theme of dog eating stuff they really shouldn’t.  A Labrador retriever  called J from  Colorado ate an entire package of blister medication(yum!..not). She required veterinary abdominal x-rays, an intravenous catheter, pain medication and an endoscopy, the poor thing! The Vet bill was a staggering $ 1,057.50 and Pets Best Insurance were able to give a reimbursement of $861.75

Sandwich Surprise

Willow, a 5-year-old Scottish deerhound, liked a sandwich so much that he swallowed a toothpick that was in it as well. Mayday! He was treated by his vet and given the go ahead to recover at home with some medication. Willow’s veterinary bill was $935.37, and Pets Best provided a reimbursement of $803.16. Phew!

Toxic Trail Mix

Trail Mix, a combination of raisins, macadamia nuts and chocolate chips, would seem to be a product designed to be toxic to dogs.  Unfortunately Meadow a 7 year old Bernese mountain dog in Colorado did not know this when she ate a large bag of trail mix. She received urgent care and an apomorphine injection before recovering at home.

As all these stories prove we never know what our pets are going to eat next so it’s a good idea to have pet insurance so you’re always covered for those massive vet bills.  Pet and  offer comprehensive insurance. You can check out their pet insurance plans online.