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Pet InsuranceAre Cats really low maintenance?

When people are looking for a new pet, they consider the pros and cons of getting a cat or a dog.

The main belief out there is that dogs require a lot of work, they need daily walks and constant attention, cat on the other hand can be left alone all day or the weekend without any problems. They keep to themselves and they are self- entertaining.

The truth is that cats are not solitary animals. They do enjoy fraternizing with people and other animal buddies. Don’t leave your cat for an extended period of time otherwise you run the risk of your cat developing behaviour problems and even becoming depressed.  They might have separation anxiety, boredom and they can even develop litter box challenges.

Cats may not show it, but they still require daily care and quality time with their owners. Food bowls need to be replenished at least twice a day and water bowls need to filled daily with fresh water. Litter boxes also need frequent cleanings- if a cat considers their litter box to be too dirty they will go and find other cleaner areas outside their litter boxes.

Pet InsuranceThe bottom line is, like adopting any animal, don’t adopt unless you can properly care for your cat and  give them plenty of your attention. Cats who are bonded together can keep each other company and entertained while you’re at work. You may need to hire a pet sitter to ask a neighbour to care for your cats if you’re away for a night, weekend or longer. It’s also important to provide your cat with scratching posts, cat toys and high places. Remember cats are territorial and they need place to survey their territory from on top!

Part of caring for your cat is making sure they are insured for all the accidents in their lives.  Get your pet insurance from and