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Pet Insurance Tells What Could Be Harmful to Pets Over The Festive Season

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is the prospect of dolling up your house in tinsel and lights. Christmas trees are up and your home is transformed int your perfect festive wonderland.

However if you own a pet you will know very well the hassle of keeping a simple Christmas Tree up. Decorations (specifically baubles) make a tree like look a pinewood full of toys to a do. To a cat, well, cats can either make them their temporary home or choose to destroy them immediately. It depends on your type of cat.

Either way getting through the holiday season with all your decorations perfectly intact is always a struggle with pets around. But did you know that some brand decorations can actually be quite harmful to your cats or dogs? The type of decoration that has been around for generations could potentially leave your pet feeling ill or worse..

Read on to find out what decorations are potentially harmful to your pets.

#1. Fake Snow

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Flocking, or imitation snow sprayed aroudn the house or usually on the Christmas tree has been shown to be quite toxic to pets. decorations that your cat or dog can get near and possibly chew should not be sprayed with imitation snow.

Pets should not be given access or the chance to ingest fake snow so best leave it out of reach or off all together.

#2. Edible/ Home made Ornaments

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Many families encourage children to  create their own ornaments for the tree. This could be a simple macaroni art piece or Santa shaped cookies hanging from the tree could be potentially hazardous. If your pet is prone to attempting to get at these, it’s best to keep them well out of reach or off the tree. If you would prefer to keep them on the tree, avoid using a glue with any toxicity to your pet.

#3. Lit Candles

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What you’d think is an obvious choice is often overlooked. Many houses at Christmas are filled with scented or Yankee candles. Most Christmas decorations, including the tree are VERY flammable. It would be a simple task for a cat or dog to knock the lit candle over.

If you prefer to use candles, best give them a good perimeter from any surrounding decorations to flammable substances and out of access from pets. A dog would see a lit candle as not different from the not hot Christmas Tree lights.

If wherever possible battery operated “candles ” could better.

#4.  Lights attached to wires

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Most specifically wrapped around the tree. Any pet owner will know that pets love chewing on wires unless trained otherwise. Keep all wires wrapped up tight and avoid them hanging to low. Pets can only resist the temptation so much.

#5. Holly Berries

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According to the ASPCA, consumed in large amounts holly berries are considered potentially toxic if consumed in large amounts and they may result in gastrointestinal irritation and depression of the central nervous system

#6. Tinsel

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Possibly the most dangerous decoration to your pets. If even a few strands are ingested, intestinal obstruction can occur which can be deadly. Of course tinsel is probably the most used decoration in homes so if you do have it up, keep it out of reach and regularly check the floor for any strands that might have fallen off, provide excellent pet insurance should your pet fall ill over the Christmas period. Don’t delay in covering your cat or dog.