Dogs Can’t Find Homes

Dog’s that are slightly different deserve love too.

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This is Molly.

As you might have noticed, she doesn’t look like most dogs. Molly has a rare condition where one eye is a different colour from the next, known as  heterochromia in humans. Although her sight is completely fine with no other health afflictions, Molly is struggling to find a forever home.

Dog’s Trust in Newbury are baffled at the disdain people have taken with dogs with this condition. Molly’s older sister who is identical except with 2 eyes of the same colour was snatched up almost immediately.

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Nicki Barrow, from the centre, said: ‘It’s baffling as she is a fantastic dog and we think her blue eye makes her look really striking. She is an affectionate dog and that she loves company and would be happy in a home with another dog.’

Pet insurance have no doubt that Molly will eventually find a forever home. However this opens up a different topic altogether. It seems that a lot of potential adopters are particular when it comes to the aesthetics of their new pet.  Unless the eye is dis-coloured from blindness, there won’t be added medical bills and its pet insurance will stay the same price

If you or anyone you know is interested in providing her with a forever home please contact Dog’s Trust