Heroic cat mayor survives dog attack

Stubbs, a short-tailed part-manx was elected mayor of a small Alaskan community Talkeetna, 15 years ago. The town of 900 has no human mayor, so 16-year-old Stubbs is the reigning leader.

Little Stubbs suffered a punctured lung, long deep gash on his side and a badly fractured sternum and there was fear he wouldn’t make it after being mauled on the 31st of August by a loose dog. In fact, the vet who travelled with him for the hour-long, drive to the animal hospital brought along a euthanasia kit just in case. It wasn’t a sure thing that Stubbs would even make it to the emergency treatment. mayor-stubbs-the-cat

Now, fans are joining his Facebook page, prodding him to run for president, there’s even a Facebook page promoting Stubbs for president of the United States, and a Twitter account, @MayorStubbs. One of the latest tweets: “UPDATE: the Mayor is on high alert. He’s feeling better but could really use some yarn. GET THIS MAN SOME YARN.”

Stubbs’ owner, Lauri Stec, who manages Nagley’s General Store, where the cat lives said: “I’m getting cards and calls from Australia to Germany to fricking London to all over the lower 48”. The cat was so severely injured, Stec has not been allowed to visit him at the veterinary clinic.

The next few days will be crucial in his recovery, but the cat has begun to sit up and eat. A tube inserted his lung has been removed.

All of us here at Petinsurance.ie are hoping Stubbs makes a full and Speedy recovery!