The Importance of Obedience Training – Dogs

WhObedience Trainingen it comes to looking after pets there are so many things we have to take into consideration. From veterinary bills, pet health insurance, food and general maintenance. Looking after our pets is very important and so is looking after their behaviour. We’ve put together a few tips to help you along the path of obedience training, it is just as important as dog insurance or any of the other responsibilities mentioned above.

Why We Should Train Our Dogs

Dogs play a huge role in our lives and we all love them for their loyalty, playfulness, energy and unconditional affection. Dogs are definitely a man’s best friend, but like anything else they come with imperfections and that’s where the importance of obedience training comes to light. Dogs have a few innocent tendencies that can sometimes make them difficult to live with such as jumping, barking, digging and chewing. To make the most of your pet ownership and relationship, it is essential to teach them a few vital skills to ensure harmony in the household.

How to Train Your Dog

Ask around and you are guaranteed to learn plenty advice about training your dog. Dogs are always keen to learn and the best tip for success is good communication. Rewarding your dog is one of the best ways to train them and you shouldn’t punish them in any way. Others would argue that it essential that your deal with your dog by using a ‘firm hand’ and your dog shouldn’t get away with any behaviour that is slightly out of line.

You must understand how your dog learns. A lot of dog owners tend to find that their dogs won’t listen. Perseverance and clear communication are key. Dogs aren’t going to understand a load of jibberish that you are saying to them. The best way they learn is by immediate consequences for their behaviour. If a certain behaviour is rewarded by a tasty treat or belly rub your dog will understand that they are doing good and will act this way more often. If a dog loses their reward for carrying out an unwanted behaviour they will learn the consequence and unlikely to act this way again.

New Skills

If you are teaching your dog specific new tricks it is easy to reward them. If you want a polite dog, you can teach them to sit, wait at the door and come and stay when called. If your dog is energetic and you want to control playtime then why not teach them to play fetch, tug of war or hide and seek, the possibilities are endless.

There are plenty of ways to train your dog, both obedience and skills but the most important thing is to continue to let your dog be themselves. Instead of constantly trying to stop your dog from doing things, maybe you prevent temptations. Dogs love to chew, and pull at things. Maybe you could organise your house to avoid such temptations, increased physical activity and mental enrichment will also complement their behaviour.