The Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is designed to cover your pets for unexpected incidents that may arise putting financial pressure on you as the pet owner. Pets are expensive to keep on a day to day basis and Pet Insurance can help with other unexpected costs that may arise;

  1. Nobody likes to think of their dog or cat being sick but unfortunately it can and does happen. Just like people, pets can get all sorts of illnesses, from cataracts and diabetes to cancer. Expensive surgeries, treatments and prescriptions for dogs and cats are becoming more common and the cost of vet bills can add up to thousands of euro’s depending on the illness and treatment required. Pet insurance gives you protection against veterinary bills and means you can make decisions about your pet’s treatment without worrying whether or not you can afford it.
  2. It is a great peace of mind knowing that if your pet does unfortunately need veterinary attention at some stage in his life – and he will – that he can receive treatment including referral to specialists if required.
  3. Pet Insurance provides an easy way to budget pet care costs. Pet insurance policies can be paid monthly or annually. Most plans offer discounts for additional pets. With these costs budgeted, when you do have an unexpected vet bill to pay, you won’t have to dip into any other savings you may have.
  4. Be prepared for the unexpected. No one can predict the timing of an injury or illness. With a comprehensive Pet Health insurance plan in place, it means that regardless of the time or year or current financial situation, you will have the financial help you need.
  5. Dogs in particular can potentially injure other animals or people, or cause damage.  If someone is injured or killed or their property is damaged as a result of an incident involving your dog and the other party decides to sue, you may be liable for thousands of euro. Pet insurance can cover these situations.
  6. Comprehensive policies may include cover for emergency boarding kennels/cattery fees, accidental death, advertising and reward costs in the event of a lost pet and cover for theft or straying. This does depend on the provider so be sure to check this before purchase.
  7. The option to cover your pet abroad is available on most plans, covering you pet overseas. Like hospital bills, veterinary bills can vary depending on the country you visit. If your cat or dog becomes ill while on holidays, the vet bills will be covered there.

So it makes sense to take Pet Insurance to cover the pets in your home. At, we have a commitment to bringing high quality Pet Insurance at an affordable cost. We are dedicated to providing pet owners with a choice of policies at competitive prices to ensure we meet your financial and personal needs. Taking out insurance for pet need not be a costly purchase; we have three cover levels to suit different budgets.