How To Make Your Coned Pet Comfortable.


It’s a stressful time for all when a pet, be it cat or dog, undergoes a procedure that requires a cone to be fitted in. What’s even more stressful is attending to the pet AFTER they have been coned. Understandable, you would hate to walk around or, god forbid sleep with a lamp shade around your neck. Especially if ¬†you had an itch that you were dying to scratch, as is the case with your pet and their wounds. Here’s a few simple tips to ensure your little guy is as comfortable as possible while he/she recovers!

1. Watch your pet at all times in the first few days.

You pet is going to be off balance now with this huge plastic frame around their head. Adding to this unless it’s, a clear one, they will not be able to see much except for right in front of them. Because of this bumping into things will happen and it can be incredibly irritating to your already distressed pet. Be ready to jump in and help- them if you think they’re going to knock off a chair leg.

2. Make food and water easily accessible to them.

Place it next to their bed so that they wont have to go far to get it. Most dogs who require cones have difficulty moving as it is so the less time spent walking the better. make sure the bowl isn’t too deep as they can’t reach as far down, If possible put their food on a plate!


3. Keep children away.

Your coned pet is going to be in a very vulnerable place after their procedure. While they might be lovely and calm around kids when they’re feeling their best, a wounded animal is unpredictable and usually distressed until he/she has healed. Noisy children may cause your animal to lash out which nobody wants.

4. Keep floors as clean as possible.

this applies mostly to pets who have healing wounds on their underbelly or legs. the cuts are very prone to infection and as the animals will most likely be laying down anywhere to “ease the itch”, it’s important to keep surfaces dust free to avoid irritation and possibly another trip to the vet

5. Don’t be afraid to spoil your pet.

It won’t be a crime to let your pet indulge in a few extra treats or if he accidentally pee’s in the house. Your pet has been through a lot and is not feeling himself/herself. On that same note, if your pet is acting distant with you don’t worry. Some pets heal differently from others and some prefer to have their own space while others get very clingy and demand cuddles/attention. It’s best to go with the flow and adjust to how your pet reacts.