My Social Petwork – A Facebook for Pets!


I have often come across pets with their own Facebook account but there is now a new social networking site recently launched especially for pets. It’s just like Facebook but for pets. It’s called My Social Petwork.

Catmoji was preciously launched which was a site where cat lovers post pictures of their cats. My Social Petwork is all about the pets themselves, instead of the owners who have the pets. You can pretty much do everything on My Social Petwork that you can do on Facebook; share photos, follow other pets, send private messages to pets, post updates, etc.

The social network for pets will not only be restricted to cats and dogs, but also encourages other exotic animals, such as iguanas and tarantulas to  join up!


With the social network for pets, pet owners could arrange for events and meet-ups to get to know each other and let their pets get to know each other.

If you had a pet, would you join this My Social Petwork for your pets?


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