Pet Christmas Cards


imagesCAD1IBNRThe countdown to Christmas has well and truly began. Christmas is the biggest family event of the year and of course our pets are a very special part of our family. Whether you are a cat, dog or budgie owner to name just a few, it is fun getting your pet involved in festivity preparations.

One really cool way of incorporating your pets to the Christmas preparations creatively is by making pet themed Christmas cards. Contrary to what you might believe, many people get professional portraits taken of their pets. Don’t worry, if you are thinking of making pet themed Christmas cards your very own photos from your digital camera or smartphone will do the perfect job or you could even try out a pet store photographer.

Pet store photographers often bring a variety of props, backgrounds and costumes for their shoots. Maybe you could get you pets and kids photo taken with Santa? Since pet stores are a public place and can often be very busy so make sure your pet is used to crowds of people and being touched by strangers.

If you want to opt for the more personal approach and take your own photos all you need is a little patience to find the perfect backdrop. Make sure the backdrop colour bodes well with the colour of your pet. If you want to dress your pet up for the photoshoot, we recommend that you go low key. Avoid elaborate Christmas costumes in favor of a little hat or scarf.

Now, its down to business, actually making the Christmas card using computer software. When you have captured the perfect picture of your pet in high quality use Photoshop or a mobile app like Photoshop4U or Pixlr Xpress to add a Christmas theme to your image. Draw or add festive designs to the image such as Santa hats, angel wings, snowflakes or antlers. Creating your own personalised Christmas cards is a really fun project to undertake and the best thing is that they are guaranteed to be one of a kind.

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