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Petinsurance.ie is a new quality pet insurance product protecting you against unforeseen financial circumstances relating to your pet, be it pedigree or non-pedigree Dogs and Cats. We give you a choice of three pet insurance policies to cater for different Irish household budgets. If you are considering Pet Insurance in Ireland, have a look at our Plans and Premiums. Our Cover Levels are Essential (Accident & Third Party Liability Only), Premier (12 months cover of a medical condition) or Premier Plus (Lifetime cover of a medical condition) providing comprehensive insurance for pet in Ireland.

With our Pet Insurance policy you can be sure that your favourite pet will receive the best of medical care whenever the need occurs, up to the limits as stated in the pet insurance policy wording. Taking out insurance for pet need not be a costly purchase; we have three cover levels to suit different budgets.

Our Pet Insurance Ireland plans are extensive covering dogs and cats against a wide range of circumstances including Veterinary Bills, Third Party Liability, Death Benefit, Kennel / Cattery fees, Holiday Cancellation and Lost and Found ads. Petinsurance.ie also offers optional extras such as Overseas Travel which includes Quarantine Cover, Emergency Repatriation and Loss of Passport on our Premier and Premier Plus Pet Insurance Cover Levels.