Pets and their famous owners!

Celebrities are animal lovers too! Here’s a rundown of  the flurry friends of some VIPs.

The Royal Dog- Lupo

Lupo the beautiful cocker spaniel belonging to William and Kate, seems to be at the very heart of their family life. Indeed he has pictured in the official portraits of the Middleton-Windsors so much that one would think he is Fourth in line to the throne.  Perhaps there are plans afoot to make him the Duke of Puppyville!

The First Dog- Bo 

Bo was the first puppy allowed into the White House with the Obamas! And what a welcome addition to their family he has become.  Originally gotten as a present for the Obama daughters, Bo seems on equally good terms with the President himself.


The Fashion Icon Dog- Mr.Famous

Audrey Hepburn had a pet dear called Pippin- no really- a pet dear, but she also had a gorgeous little Yorkshire Terrier called Mr.Famous. Thankfully they were all equally graceful enough to share the limelight together.


The Billionaire Dogs 

Oprah is very, very rich lady. Which makes her dogs also very rich! Oprah has an expensive history with dogs. There is the two cocker spaniels she once had, Solomon and Sophie, who both elderly,  sadly passed away in 2008. She also had a Golden retriever Gracie who died choking on a ball in 2007.  However Oprah still has a happy family of dogs,  Sunny and Lauren  springer spaniels and Sadie, Luke and Layla.  Oprah has a close relationship with PAWS in Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill humane organisation. She even named a wing of Paws after her beloved Sophie.

The Meme Cat

We couldn’t mention all these dogs without mentioning one very famous cat. Grumpy Cat is the one animal here who is more famous than her owner Tabatha Bundesen.  Born in 2012, Grumpy Cat’s real name in Tardar Sauce and actually has a condition called feline dwarfism which results in her trademark grumpy expression. She has over 4 million like on facebook and has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on the cover of the New York Magazine.   The Bundesens assure us that Tardar Sauce actually has a very calm and is “actually really nice”. She became a meme very fast and now has a manager.  Her owners have earned six figures so far by May 2013 for merchandise, calendars and books!

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