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Making Sure Your Pet Has A Happy Halloween From Pet Insurance.

Halloween is a time for huge bonfires, loud fireworks and screaming children. Which can sound like utter torment to your pet. It’s not unknown that pets get easily frightened by the loud bang of fireworks or the sight of a huge fire in the distance. But is there any way to ensure your pet has peace of mind during the scary season?

1. Keep them indoors.

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Weather you have an indoor or an out door pet, it’s best that they are kept indoors for the next few days. Particularly in dense urban areas. A lot of noisy activity will be going on that your pet isn’t accustomed to. Also, it is better to keep them indoors as a precautionary measure. Halloween seems to be a time for some people to think up awful pranks which can sometimes involve animals. It would take a split second for someone to throw a firework into your back garden with your cat/dog close by. Owners with black cats should take extra measures during this time. Some shelters don’t allow the adoption of black cats around Halloween for fear of pranks or superstitious deeds.

2. Keep them comfortable in a room furthest away from the front door.

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For dogs in particular. Your doorbell is most likely going to be non stop on Halloween which might confuse your pet. Territorial dogs may get anxious at so many new faces so best keep him away and occupied. Leave out some toys along with some sound from the television or radio.

3. Be wary of decorations.

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Pumpkins with lit candles inside them and Halloween lights with hanging wires. Your pet is going to be curious about these new additions to your dome decor. So it is wise to keep them out of reach in order to avoid them injuring themselves.

4. Make sure your pet is comfortable in any costume before you try to dress them up.

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Many people love to dress up their pets around the holiday, which is harmless. Providing that they’re not thrashing about in it. If they prefer to stay in their birthday suit, perhaps a bandanna will suffice.

5. Medication for the extra anxious.

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If your pet is already the nervous sort, perhaps speak with your vet about some treatment to help them relax. Normally this isn’t necessary but if your pet has a nasty fear of fireworks or the likes it’s probably wise to research into providing some relief.

6. Identification at all times.


Keep your pet’s tag with your phone number on them at all times during the Halloween period. Halloween runaways are common from getting spooked and if they’re not able to find their way back, the tag will see to it.

Have a happy Halloween with your pet and don’t forget you can cover your pet with one of many great policies at