Protect your Pet in Hot Weather

We are all happy to finally see some sunshine and long may it last. It is important to protect your pets in the heat though as dogs, like people can suffer in hot weather.

We can help you keep yourself and your dogs safe and cool this summer. Follow our tips for helping your pets stay healthy and comfortable when the heat is on!


Make sure your dog has a check-up! A checkup before the summer will reveal any heart or respiratory issues that should be addressed before pets become more active during the sunshine.

1.       Seeking shade

Ensure dogs always have ready access to shade, water and rest. Parks with leafy trees and soft ground along with streams or ponds are a good place to bring dogs with plenty of space to rest and cool off.

2.       Exercise at the right time

Try to exercise dogs in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are lower.

3.       No parked cars

Never leave pets inside a car! A car can heat up to 110 degrees in 10 minutes on a hot day even with the windows slightly open.

4.       Tarmac & Pavements:

Tarmac surfaces and pavements get hot! We don’t notice with our footwear on, but our dogs do and paws can get burnt. Walking surfaces can also take a while to cool back down again so bear that in mind if you are taking your dog out in the evening.

5.       Water – the Life Saver:

Dogs need a constant supply of fresh, cool drinking water. Bowls can get knocked over or played with and spilt, so make sure there is plenty of water down at all times, both indoors and outside.