Tail Wagging – Making Your Dog Happy

Pets play a great part in any family and it’s so important to keep them as happy as they make us. There’s no doubt that a dog is a man’s best friend and it’s vital that we do our best to keep their tails wagging. Here are a few helpful suggestions to keep your dog content.

Attention: Dogs love attention, being spoiled and feeling loved 24/7. Get a few toys for your pet or a rawhide, dogs love to play and are guaranteed to have several hours of happy-dogfun with a dog friendly toy or even just a ball or knotted towel. Your dog loves treats and you will quickly learn what they love to eat. Dogs also love nothing more than going for a swim, so bring your favourite pet to a local river or lake and you are bound to see them at their happiest.

Walking: Dogs love going for walks, so you may have to sacrifice your lazy evening in favour for a stroll in your local park. Every evening take your dog out, even just a half an hour. Dog can get bored of the same surroundings of your back garden or yard. It’s good exercise for both you and your pet, just make sure you have a strong leash so its you taking the dog for a walk and not the other way around.

Pet Insurance: Pet insurance or dog insurance is vital to have for the health and well being of your furry friend. If your dog happens to incur any illness or injury it can be a costly affair. By investing in pet health insurance you are putting your dog first. Long term, it will mean that your dog is in the best care and will avoid unnecessary veterinary bills.

Home Time: If your dog spends most of its day sitting outside in the same run space, its a good idea to bring them into the home to spend some time with the family. Dogs are very social animals and love company. Your dog doesn’t need to stay indoors on a permanent basis but it is a good idea to keep them indoors for a certain proportion of the day.

When these helpful tips are put into place, it will be tails wagging all around!


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